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Reviews: Testimonials


To keep it simple: Thomecia is AMAZING. Quite literally an angel sent my way. She was the key to me having the most beautiful home-birth experience I could have ever imagined. She was instrumental in helping me to mentally and physically prepare for birth and postpartum. Everything she does, she does from the heart. Our prenatal consultations were like therapy sessions and always left me feeling extremely relaxed and confident about my pregnancy journey. I loved the daily affirmations, resources, and reminders sent to my phone to hold me accountable to things like water intake, movement, and journaling. And when labor was at its peak, as soon as she arrived, she grounded me instantly so that I could breathe, focus and relax into bringing my first child earthside with ease. That same level of care and concern continued into my postpartum journey — womb massages, guided meditations, plant based meals, and routine check-ins. In addition to all of that, Thomecia has continued to actively further her education in holistic practices to provide the best care to all of her clients.

Seriously, I will sing her praises to anyone willing to listen. And if the question is whether you should have her on your team, the answer is “Yes!”

Jovial Kennedy

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